Certified Online Teacher, Royal Conservatory of Music

Based in Toronto, online and worldwide. Accepting cellists of all ages.

As an adaptable teacher, I have an ability to inspire the student to reach their maximum potential by extracting their technical skills and artistic expression. Through my keen interest in the student and by understanding their style first and then adapting my instruction to accommodate their learning style, we are able to transform the learning experience to meet their specific learning objectives. With my personalized ability to present an idea, principle, or concept to my students, I think very quickly on my feet, providing new and unique solutions in the moment. Often these ideas are developed spontaneously, which is sparked by my sense of curiosity for the concept at hand and the student’s needs. This ability comes from combined traits: my high level of decisiveness, my cello playing while demonstrating to a student and my verbal skills.

Cello Pedagogy

The Russian School: Karine Georgian (Rostropovich), Cecylia Barczyk (Gutman)
The French School: Barbara Marcinkowska (Navarra), Ina-Esther Joost, Shauna Rolston (Fournier) and the Aldo Parisot legacy through Professor Cecylia Barczyk, Shauna Rolston (University of Toronto)

Teaching Style

Described as a professional musician with an inner awareness, I seek to understand the moods, affections, and values of myself and others. This ensures that my creativity and form work in tandem with function and results, whether I am working with my student in person or remotely. I believe my best asset as a teacher is my keen sense of curiosity, which I use to discover new ideas, techniques, and interpretations—together with the student—and accompany them on their creative journey. With an unconventional thinking style, I advocate in their best interests and accommodate each student’s learning style to unleash their unique artistic voice and musical expression.

My positive energy and expressive intuition ensure I understand the needs of the student. I connect with the student personally before I connect professionally, establishing rapport and learning readiness before instruction begins.


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